Advocacy Resource Summary

IATSE Federal Issue Agenda: An agenda summarizing the IATSE’s primary federal policy priorities to educate Local membership and engage federal elected officials to advance policy that benefits behind-the-scenes entertainment workers.

IATSE Voter Toolkit: A webpage on the IATSE website that provides U.S. members all the resources they need to cast their ballots and ensure their vote is counted. Use this toolkit to register to vote, learn important election deadlines, find your polling place, and more.

Election Year Timeline of Political Activism: A guide outlining various tasks and political activism activities Locals can participate in or plan during an election year.

How to Establish a Local Union Voter Registration Program: A guide for Locals and Political Coordinators on how to receive a list of your Local’s potentially unregistered members and establish an internal voter registration drive. A step-by-step guide on how to pull this information from Labor Action Network (LAN) is available upon request.

How to Establish a Local Union Phone & Text Banking Program: A guide for Locals and Political Coordinators on how to organize a phone bank and/or peer-to-peer text bank to inform members of pertinent election information or get out the The document includes sample scripts for Locals to use or edit as they see fit.

How to Establish a Local Union Candidate Endorsement Process: A guide for Locals and Political Coordinators with suggestions on how to set up an endorsement process for candidates seeking elected office in their area. The document includes a sample federal candidate questionnaire.

  • Please notify the IATSE Political/Legislative Department of federal endorsements by visiting the IATSE Political Endorsement Tracker and submitting the online form. This is key to ensuring the International’s political program is effective and reflects the interests of its members. 

IATSE – The Union Behind Entertainment & Political Campaigns: In collaboration with the craft departments of the International, the Political/Legislative Department developed this one- pager to educate political candidates on the crafts of the IATSE and how to ensure their political campaigns utilize union labor in every aspect if they intend to run as a pro-labor

IATSE PAC One Pager: A flyer answering the most common questions about IATSE PAC and detailing its utilization, for use in soliciting PAC contributions from Local membership.

IATSE PAC Guide: A booklet with detailed information about IATSE PAC including who can participate, ways to contribute, FEC guidelines and compliance rules, and how to engage your Local membership.

IATSE PAC: Join the Fight! – a video that lays out, in plain terms, what IATSE PAC is and how we utilize it to deliver political and legislative victories for our members. PowerPoint presentation is also available to Locals upon request.

You can find all of the above, and any future resources, at IATSEPAC.net – an online portal that provides every IATSE member access to our advocacy resources, and facilitates IATSE PAC contributions.

Questions? Email: polleg@iatse.net


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