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According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website, a consultation letter from a U.S. peer group, labor organization, and/or management organization is generally required for petitions in the O and P visa classifications.

The I.A.T.S.E. produces Advisory Opinion Letters for various technical positions residing in the entertainment industry. We cover a wide variety of positions including but not limited to, Sound Engineers, Lighting Directors, Cinematographers, Art Directors, Photographers, etc.

We offer Advisory Letters for O-1, O-2, P-1S and P-3S cases. Below you will find a list of required documents, our processing schedules and fees, and instructions for how to submit a petition for an Advisory Opinion Letter from the IATSE.

Head Designers exclusively working on Broadway Productions should contact Caitlin McConnell at Local USA829 regarding Advisory Opinion Letters.

If you have any questions regarding your submission, please direct your inquiry to visas@iatse.net

Mandatory Documents:

ALL of the following documents must be included in your petition for the union to issue an Advisory Opinion Letter. Submitted petitions must not exceed 100 pages in total. Incomplete petitions requiring revision or amendments may be subject to delays and/or additional fees. 

  • Cover letter from your firm (please advise if you need the letter faxed or emailed, and provide that information)
  • Signed copy of the I-129 form
  • List of the beneficiaries and their craft classification (if not already stated in the cover letter)
  • Itinerary (detailed summary of all the events with locations and dates)
  • Employment offer and/or Contract
  • Awards, recognitions and/or press releases of work
  • Copy of the photo page of their Passports
  • Resume(s) – (for beneficiaries only, not employers)
  • References

Fees and Processing Schedule:

The processing time for all expedited requests will be up to three (3) business days. Regular processing time for all other requests will be seven 7 business days. Requests delivered to this office after 3:00pm will be deemed to have been received the following business day. There is no same-day service.

Submissions containing fifty (50) or more beneficiaries will be automatically subjugated to our regular processing schedule.

Regular processing is $300.00, and expedited processing is $500.00.

How to submit:

You may submit original petitions by mailing to the address listed below. Petitions sent via fax or email are not accepted. Payments must be made via check attached to the petition and made payable to the “I.A.T.S.E.” Additionally, we do not accept payment through credit card at this time.

Immigration Dept.
I.A.T.S.E. General Office
207 W. 25th Street, 4th Floor
New York, N.Y. 10001
(212) 730-1770, tel.
(212) 730-7809, fax

For inquiries regarding filing petitions with this office, please contact us at visas@iatse.net


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