Election Year Timeline of Political Activism

Phase 1:

Identify a Political Coordinator to lead political activism for your Local.

Connect with your AFL-CIO State Federation and/or Central Labor Council. Engage in their state and local election activities, and get information on labor endorsed candidates.

Review and share your state’s election information, including:

  • Election dates and early voting
  • Voter registration and absentee ballot deadlines
  • Voter ID requirements
  • Polling location lookup. 

Educate yourself on the IATSE Federal Issue Agenda and issues important to you.

Phase 2:

Request Access to the Labor Action Network (LAN) for your Political Coordinator. Review the LAN training materials and sign up for a webinar.

Conduct a voter registration program.

  • Obtain a list of unregistered voters in your Local from the LAN.
  • Plan a voter registration drive. 


  1. Login to IATSEPAC.net website
  2. Present IATSE PAC: Join the Fight! to your Local’s membership
  3. Highlight IATSE PAC in meetings and newsletters
  4. Host a fundraiser following the regulations in IATSE PAC Guide

Phase 3:

Establish a local union candidate endorsement process.

Host a debate watch event

Organize a local union mail campaign

Organize “Get Out the Vote” (GOTV) efforts:

Participate in the AFL-CIO “Release Staff” Program

Volunteer for a campaign

Share your activism on social media accounts using #IATSEvotes hashtag.

Phase 4:

Encourage members to make a plan to vote:

  • Confirm registration status
  • Find polling place
  • Learn voter ID requirements
  • Identify a specific time 

Host an election night event


For more information contact polleg@iatse.net


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