Local One Member Kayleigh Truman Joins The Broadway Relief Project To Help In The Fight Against COVID-19

Local One member, Kayleigh Truman Joins Broadway Relief Project

“This hit to the entertainment industry was incredibly hard to accept. It took a couple of weeks for me to level out in my head and recognize what was happening.”

Kayleigh Truman is a freelance stagecraft stagehand and member of Local One. Truman was currently working on the Mrs. Doubtfire show at the Stephen Sondheim Theatre, before the show was cancelled due to Covid-19.

“I focus on the load out and in for shows,” Truman says. “I handle the show running in props and props crafting.”

“When the pandemic hit, I quickly wanted to help and give back,” says Truman. “I began helping with the Broadway Relief Project, after Governor Cuomo’s office reached out to all the theatre shops, requesting members assistance with gown and mask making.

Truman says now she spends her days volunteering 2-3 times a week cutting, folding and packing materials to be shipped.

“We’ve made over 10,000 disposable gowns and masks; we pack over 1,000 masks and gowns a day,” she added. “I’ve been on the gown logistics team and it’s been a heartwarming and rewarding feeling to help those during this time of need.”

Truman says after seeing a social media posting from Local One member, Luciana Fusco and District 10 member Eileen MacDonald reached out informing members about out of town nurses who were in desperate need for personal toiletries, she quickly began to find ways to help.

“My fiancé and I went to Cosco and purchased items like shampoo, conditioner and other supplies and delivered them to the hotel where the nurses were being housed,” says Truman. “It was a stellar feeling.”

Kayleigh says the virus has shown her how privileged she truly is to be a part of the union.

“I’m absolutely privileged to have such a strong union that has my back,” she added. “I’m lucky, very lucky. I credit my union for how I have been able to be financially secured during this time.”

Truman says she hopes that when everyone returns to work, members continue to do outreach.

“I think we took for granted what we have in our union,” Truman added. “From the wellness and mental health resources, to getting our community included in the CARES Act, it’s a great feeling to know our union really has our back.”


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