Las Vegas ‘4Wall Entertainment’ Employees Vote to Unionize, Join IATSE

Las Vegas, NV – The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) Local 720 is celebrating a significant victory as 40 employees from 4Wall Entertainment’s Las Vegas Shop are set to join the union. This decision follows the certification of their votes in a National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) election on February 22nd. The crew comprises workers across various classifications, including moving lights, electronics, rigging, cable, video, audio, check-in, service, truss, LED, and shipping.

4 Wall Entertainment is a full-service lighting, video, and rigging company covering all facets of entertainment lighting – from corporate events and theatre to concerts, touring, and television. Notably, the crew provided services for several high-profile events around Las Vegas during Super Bowl LVII.

Organizers from IATSE Local 720 first started talking with the 4Wall Entertainment crew in May of 2023 and the workers began researching the benefits of unionization in the months following, culminating in an NLRB election that revealed a strong majority in favor of unionization.

The 4Wall Entertainment workers overcame numerous obstacles in their push for representation, including a comprehensive campaign of anti-union propaganda from company management. 4 Wall attempted various tactics to stifle the crew’s union, including captive audience meetings and anti-union mailers, but the solidarity of the workers ultimately proved resilient.

Upon learning of the challenges faced by the 4Wall crew, Local 720 members working elsewhere in Las Vegas launched a support campaign for the workers. Members placed encouraging notes and union stickers in the cases returning to the shop, demonstrating solidarity with the 4Wall crew. The gesture provided a major morale boost for the workers, who were feeling isolated amidst the anti-union campaign. “It was a major boost for a crew that was getting bombarded with anti-union propaganda,” said IATSE International Vice President and Local 720 Business Representative, Apple Thorne. “It helped them see they were going to become part of something much bigger than their shop, and that made the anti-union campaign from their employer much easier to face.”

The 4 Wall Entertainment Organizing drive win will not only be beneficial to the crew in addressing their wants and needs, but it will also help the local community with better paying jobs that include benefits, and job security. Additionally, this groundbreaking victory helps strengthen IATSE Local 720’s standing in the Las Vegas rentals industry as the local seeks to organize other shops.

Cliff Paschall, an IATSE Local 720 Organizer, commended the crew for their resilience, stating, “Through all the ups and downs of the employer’s campaign, the crew remained strong, committed, and unified. They knew what they were getting into and what they were facing from the employer. They were very strong in their solidarity and voted for their and their family’s best interest. Very proud of this group.”

“Having the IATSE Union representing us is a major milestone. It will not only have huge implications for me, but for my coworkers as well. As a collective we are looking forward to having better opportunities not only in work but in life as well,” commented one 4Wall shop worker.

The next step will be to work collaboratively with the employer to bargain a fair contract for the 4Wall crew.

Live event workers looking to join together to win better workplaces can head to iatse.net/join to contact an IATSE organizer.

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