IATSE Establishes Training Trust

On June 22, 2011, the IATSE Entertainment and Exhibition Industries Training Trust Fund was created when International President Matthew D. Loeb and G. Ronald “Ron” Dahlquist, Managing / member of DADCO, LLC met at the IATSE West Coast Office to sign the Trust Agreement.  DADCO is a lighting and power supply house based in Sun Valley, CA.  Ron is a long-time member of Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians Local 728.  DADCO is the first signatory to a collective bargaining agreement that provides for contributions to the new Trust Fund.
This Trust will be governed by a joint labor-management Board of Trustees.  Governing documents, including the Trust Agreement and Training Plan, were drawn. The IATSE will be the settlor of this Training Trust. The Trust will be funded through collective bargaining agreement negotiated contributions and subscriber agreement contributions.
Heading the Training Trust will be a six member Board of Trustees made up of equal representatives of labor and management. The Trustees will be from the United States and Canada, and will be representative of the many crafts in the entertainment and exhibition industries.  The Training Trust will enhance the work of the IATSE Craft Advancement Program (ICAP), to provide training opportunities in the areas of safety and skills development for IATSE members. The Fund will assist local unions throughout the Alliance to have access to the kinds of education and training programs that make IATSE represented employees the best in their respective industries.


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