August: IA wins jurisdiction over cinematographers and lab workers

Photo caption: Orpheum Theatre in Kansas City, showing the entire company: stage employees, actors and managers.
The laboratory technicians worked in some of the most dismal conditions in the entire movie industry.  Thirty years later, a technician would recall:
“The expression ‘lab rat’. . .  is a mock title, self-bestowed by the film technicians themselves.  Wrapping film upon racks which were carried by hand and dipped by hand in one tank after another, until developing processes were completed, then winding the developed film onto large, hand-turned drums for drying was a far cry from present techniques (in 1954).  With the realization that every day was spent wading in the various solutions or working in the dark, airless rooms with the end of the shift being the completion of the job, then perhaps the phrase ‘lab rat’ will have a little more significance.”


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