Local 52 Member Sarah Bricker Helps Essential Workers By Making Ear Savers

Local 52 Member, Sarah Bricker Makes Ear Savers for Essential Workers

Sarah Bricker has been a member of the Property Department of Local 52 since 2008.

“I was the Prop Shopper for Ray James when the pandemic hit,” she says. “I decided last minute to take my 3-D printer home, in case it was longer than the initial 2 weeks.”

Within a week, Sarah says she began printing ventilator splitter kits for an organization.

“We didn’t know what we were up against, we just knew we could help somehow,” she added. “It was a hopeless and horrible feeling; even though I was trying to help- I asked myself, could pieces of plastic made in my kitchen really be things being used to save lives? How had it come to this?”

Since the pandemic, Sarah has joined several maker and 3-D printing PPE forums, trying to figure out more ways to help and what to do next.

“Watching Doctors, Nurses and EMT’s join these groups asking where to find supplies and how to get help– was heartbreaking,” she explained.
Sarah says Local 52 generously supplied her with filament, allowing her to do a test print of ear savers.

After uploading the images to her Facebook, in hopes to gauge interest with her Essential Worker friends, the next week Sarah shipped out over 1000 ear savers.

“I’ve since printed over 1000, shipped them all over the country, had them picked up from my home by medical staff I’ve met online, delivered to hospitals, post offices, stores, bus drivers, and so on,” she explained.
Considering all of Sarah’s supplies has been donated by IATSE Local 52, the ear savers are free to all Essential Workers, no matter the quantity.

“It’s strange what a 5” piece of plastic can do,” she added. “It can bring comfort to people whose ears are raw, but it can also bring comfort to someone who has lost their job they love so much and needs to find a purpose in their new everyday.”


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