Hispanic Heritage: Nancy Luna

Nancy Luna

Nancy Luna has been working in the entertainment industry for fifteen years and has been an IATSE member for eight. She is a Convention Tradeshow worker and Treasurer for Local 835 in Orlando Florida.

“As an IA member I wear different hats; I am a journeyman, I build conventions when work is available, I assist with the training department as an instructor and last November I was elected as Treasurer for my Local,” says Luna.

Born and raised in Mexico City, Nancy moved to the United States when she was just 26 years old in 1996, making her a first-generation union member. “My proudest moments have been getting my Citizenship in May of this year, being elected as my Local’s Treasurer, and an IATSE and AFL-CIO Delegate,” she added.

When Nancy’s not working or training instructing for her Local, she volunteers at local food banks with different organizations to feed the homeless.

“I want to be able to continue representing, educating, and helping my Brothers, Sisters and Kin. I want to be able to inspire those that feel that it is too late on your life, that you are not enough or are afraid to try new paths,” she says. “Nothing comes easy but with hard work you can reach your dreams; the only limitation is yourself.”


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