Debate Results Are In: Hillary Clinton Won

IATSE General Board Endorses Obama 2nd Term

Monday night’s Presidential debate provided a clear choice for American voters. Hillary Clinton commanded the stage with calm authority and concrete facts while Donald Trump was grossly unprepared and visibly unhinged. The result was an overwhelming victory for Clinton in the first debate. 

During the debate, Secretary Clinton shared her vision for an economy that works for everyone – not just the wealthy and corporations. In contrast, Trump would give tax breaks to the very rich and promote other policies which would only benefit the wealthy. Hillary Clinton knows we cannot afford to return to those same failed economic policies which put us in the Great Recession. 

When Clinton pointed out that Trump had actively rooted for the housing crisis, Trump interrupted that it was “called business.” But what he calls “business” is taking advantage of five million Americans who lost their homes. Hillary Clinton knows we cannot afford to return to those same failed economic policies which put us in the Great Recession. In her own words, “We need an economy that rewards work, not financial transactions.” 

As hard as Trump tried to spin it otherwise, pollsters and pundits all agreed: the debate was a victory for Clinton. CNN has released a poll of debate-watchers which indicates that 62% of voters thought Clinton won while only 27% believe Trump won. Furthermore, the Republican “political opinion guru”, Frank Luntz, conducted a focus group of Pennsylvania voters. The results were conclusive with 16 who thought Hillary Clinton won and only 6 who thought Trump won. The American people clearly saw a strong leader and level-headed Commander-in-Chief in Secretary Clinton. 

Secretary Clinton’s commonsense policies reflect a future that would benefit all IATSE members. She is committed to raising the minimum wage, increasing protections for workers, and standing up against bad trade deals. This first debate proved once again we are stronger together with Secretary Clinton leading our nation. She is the only Presidential candidate on the ballot supporting working families. 

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