Christian Bergeron Shares COVID-19 Story and The Efforts of Local 514

Christian Bergeron Shares Covid-19 Story

It all started with seamstress Simonetta Mariano. She began making masks for the elderly and her neighbours. Local 514 members are all doing our part to help in any way we can. We have six different offices and six stitchers who go into the offices and design the masks. As of now, we have donated over a thousand masks and we have requests for 3,000. We have donated masks to Union Taxi Co-ops, grocery stores, retirement homes and more. We want to make sure everyone has a mask. They’re even fashionable! We have different sizes for women, men and children and even fun designs and colours for kids. We’re in this together, so we must work together to help flatten the curve.  

I’ve read so many articles that provide so much information. One article talks about sorrow and the different levels of sorrow. When a person is experiencing sorrow, they experience levels of madness, sadness, fear and then understanding. When you’re scared, your cortisol levels are too high and the immune system is weakened. So, we can’t stay scared. Energy is contagious, so we all must help each other to get through this together. 

If I could share any words of encouragement to fellow industry members, I would say share all the information and resources you have.  

“By providing resources to everyone, we’ll get through this together,” says Bergeron. “Everyone must be aware!” 

“One thing the coronavirus has taught me is when the tough gets going you really see what you’re made of,” he said.  

“You can’t do this alone. This pandemic has shown me that for whatever reason working in film attracted you, collectively the union is a brotherhood and a sisterhood because we are all standing together,” says Bergeron. “This has been a moment of awakening because when you meet hate with hate, you can’t make a difference.” 

Bergeron encourages everyone to be reminded that if we want to reshape the planet, continuing to help each other is how we can do it. Pay it forward by helping each other. He added, “This virus has shown the true side of human beings.” 


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