2020 First Annual IATSE Holiday Photo Contest: Winners and Honorable Mentions

Congratulations and Huge Thanks to all of our members who participated in our First Annual IATSE Holiday Photo contest. Here’s a collection of our favorites in no particular order:

Mary Pottegen Boedecker, Local 795, Mary’s Mountains
“With all the craziness going on, building these mountains got me through Christmas. Joy is the nature of Christian emotion. Rightly related to God and that is exactly what I feel when I see the mountains. A calmness. I focused on the room and just began building the mountains.” 
Elke Winters, Local 891, Save The Trees
“My Daughter and I were just being silly and thought well if everyone should be protected and wear masks, the trees should too. To my IA Sisters and Brothers, we are all doing a tremendous job for safety measures on set. We just have to stick with it because this too shall pass! Keep remembering it’s not over until it’s over!”
Ryan Vincent Gargiulo, Local 52, Andrew Gargiulo’s First Christmas
“Andrew was born on Veterans Day, and he’s been in the baby NICU unit since then. We’re grateful to the Nurses and Doctors who are the truly the unsung heroes in this world and that he’s at Cornell, a union hospital. My wife (Jackie Wertz) and I are both so grateful to be a part of such a great union and industry that takes care of their own. I’m also grateful for my Local, everyone from Local 52 has called and checked on me everyday during this time. Andrew will be released from the hospital in a week, so we are truly just beyond grateful for everything.”
Erica Alderson
Erica Alderson, Local 470 and 251, The IATSE Wreath
“There were about twenty dolls on the wreath and each doll represents a different worker: Riggers, Hair and Make Up, Lighting Technicians, I mean everyone. I just wanted to celebrate all of my Sisters and Brothers. It’s so many elements that come together to create a show, so I wanted to display that. Each doll was an hour because each doll is holding a tool from their trade. The entire wreath took about a total of twenty hours. To my IA Sisters and Brothers, as long as we continue to support each other we will get through this together.”
Frank Schaefer, Local 600, Claremont United Methodist Church
“As a photographer, it’s important to me to capture things and bring awareness. Every Christmas the Claremont United Methodist Church in Claremont California builds a strong and appropriate display that relates to the current times. This year it was a display and tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement and those who have been injured or lost their lives. I felt the need to record and photograph this display. I’m 61 years-old and this has been something going on in this country, since I’ve been alive. People have been working for equality and eliminating the hate of what race anyone is for years. Unfortunately, it still exists today. However, because I am 61, due to safety reasons I couldn’t protest but this was a way for me to still connect and do my part in the Black Lives Matter Movement. Due to the pandemic, many people aren’t able to really travel but my hope is by taking this photo more people get to see it and it raises awareness.
Disclaimer: The member did not have any participation or role in building this display. This display is not in any affiliation with IATSE or any of its members.
Jersey Feimster, Local 44, The Covid-19 Winter Wonderland
“I have a 5-year-old and with the all the Covid cases with living in LA, I thought it would be nice to have a nice white Christmas. It was just my wife and I and our 5-year-old, so we wanted to do our best to keep it fun and have some sense of normalcy in a Covid world. It took me six hours in one night. I am the mascot and Zonk producer for the game show, “Let’s Make A Deal”. So, I borrowed the snow machine, purchased some artificial snowballs, and arranged some lighting. We had a blast and a snow fight. For all of us who are trying to entertain the people of the world and keep ourselves safe, I would encourage my Sisters and Brothers to continue following the safety protocols, so we can have a great career and stay safe in a Covid World”
Ivan Marquez, Local 892 and 705, A Berry Merry Christmas
“All the ornaments are handmade by me. I made the candy cane, ornaments, bears, and covered everything in glitter with pecans and more pastries. So, if someone were to walk into my house it smells just like a bakery. It took a week to set up and I sent a virtual postcard of it to all of my friends to spread some holiday cheer. I’m from Puerto Rico and this year I spent Christmas by myself, so I wanted to bring a little of my Puerto Rico traditions to me this year. We are living in this pandemic together, so we have to continue to help each other and while we’re staying home with family or by ourselves do what we need to do to stay cheerful.”

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