Wardrobe Member Martha Schermerhorn Makes Cards For Patients During COVID-19 Crisis

Wardrobe Member, Martha Schermerhorn, Makes Cards for Patients

We were all shocked! That was the first thought but then again, we also saw this coming. We were in the middle of hiring extras and ready to work and then it all stopped.

However, now that I am at home, I’m with my family. I’ve been watching archeology videos with my son since he’s home from college. He’s a creative writing major but he still has to watch these videos for class. We’re all still adjusting.

I wanted to do something creative for people who couldn’t have visitors at Monroe County Hospital. My friend Laurie works there and she suggested I could make cards for the patients so I made cards for patients who can’t have visitors.

Schermerhorn works in wardrobe and is a member of Local 858. She says her local is small but they all have been texting each other and checking in.

“It’s only 13 members but we’re making sure we all have the proper resources and as much information as possible,” she explained. “We had one member help another member with every step with filing for unemployment benefits just to make sure they had everything they needed.

“Bravo to the IA for providing members with as much information and resources as possible,” says Schermerhorn. “Every time I receive a message from the IA on information and resources, I feel a sense of calmness.”

As a wardrobe member, she says she would love for the IA to get a medical expert’s advice or direction on how wardrobe workers can move forward safely.

“My hope specifically for wardrobe members is that the IA develops some type of guidelines or standard for how wardrobe should handle costumes moving forward,” says Schermerhorn. “When we return to work should we were gloves and wear masks when we’re handling wardrobe? It’s not possible to do our job virtually, so I just want to practice the best and safest practices to protect myself and everyone backstage.”


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