More than 300 IATSE-represented crew members across five productions Received thousands of hours of benefits in California Organizing Drives

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Thanks to workers calling in their non-union jobs, more than 300 IATSE-represented crew members across five productions have received thousands of hours of benefits!

Two non-scripted stage show crews walk off the job for a contract in Los Angeles.

New game show “My Partner Knows Best” and talk show pilot “According to Chrisley” were both organized after short strikes motivated the producers to sign a union agreement. Between these two shows, more than 120 IATSE-represented crew members will be receiving benefits for all work performed, with some members receiving wage increases and payments related to retroactive working condition violations.

Both contracts are from date-of-hire and include triple-time after 15 hours, compounding meal penalties, enhanced daily and weekend turnaround provisions, Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an added holiday, a 10-hour daily minimum call and a requirement that if the show goes to series, the crew must be invited back.

Ultra-low budget non-union features were also in organized, and three movies are now union thanks to the crew reporting their jobs.

Without a need for a strike, “Senior Moment,” shooting in Palm Springs, signed a contract for benefits from date-of-hire and working conditions per the Basic Agreement.

Another film, “Burning at Both Ends,” was organized with a short strike, and the contract was signed on the tailgate of the grip truck. Following that success, the crew of indie production “Street Survivors” only had to strike for 15-20 minutes before the company signed an agreement.

Both contracts have higher meal penalties and enhanced daily and weekend turnaround, as well as Martin Luther King Jr. Day as an added holiday.

Finally, a Team USA Olympics promo was also brought under contract with a simple phone call to the producers. This wouldn’t have been possible if the crew hadn’t reported their job.

Organizing makes us all stronger, and the crew that called in their non-union work ended up with better – and union – working conditions and benefits. Skilled workers are union workers!

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