Local 884 Member Doug Boney Shares LGBTQ Pride Story

Local 471 member and Trans woman, Camille Boulianne-Macdonald says it means a lot to her to have the union support the LGBTQ community.

“When I first began in the union as a freelancer, it was very much a macho-male dominated environment,” she says. “Therefore, during those times it could be very difficult to be yourself. I hid everything about myself for several years, I didn’t share myself at all.”

Camille says the 2019 Pride Parade was her first time being a part of such an iconic event.

“Last year I marched in the Pride Parade for the first time,” she admits. “It was amazing. So many people came out wearing rainbow clothing, it was truly wonderful. I wore a beautiful long purple dress and I remember beaming the entire time.”

Camille encourages other queer members to seek support and direction from their Local.

“You’ll be fine if you ask around,” she explains. “In this male-oriented industry, you’ll find a lot more support than you think. People will stand by you.”

Camille admits she was very happy and proud to see transgender visibility on the I.A.T.S.E social media platforms.

“It made my year when the IA not only began posting transgender visibility but providing pronoun education, this looks out for people like me,” she added. “This was definitely not something you would have seen three years ago, so to see it now means so much.”

As a member of the union for three years, Camille says she loves that her Local has a zero tolerance for discrimination.

“I’m able to feel more free now, knowing my union is taking action to protect my expression and identity,” she says. “I really enjoy and love seeing that.”


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