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The Labour College opened its doors to workers in 1963. Today, it offers a four-week Intensive Program of post-secondary learning for union activists who want to enhance their leadership capacities.

The College learning experience offers a variety of readings, assignments, lectures, discussions, plenary sessions, research, and examination of the role of activists in the union.  The combination of practical experience and new learning results in a valuable learning experience for everyone and benefits the labour movement.

The College has regional offices in the Atlantic, Ontario, Pacific, Prairie, and Quebec regions.


Human Resources and Labour Relations, Centre for Social Sciences
Athabasca University
Athabasca, Alberta T9S 3A3

The University Certificate in Labour Studies is designed for students who want to know more about the position of labour and working people in society. The program will be of particular interest to trade unionists at both the leadership and general membership levels.


Centre for Labour Studies
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia V5A1S6

The Centre for Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University promotes the study and understanding of labour, working people, and their organizations from a comprehensive social, cultural, historical, political and economic perspective. The Centre aims to provide a range of taught courses and programs (both credit and non-credit), offer research opportunities and assistance to both Simon Fraser University students and provincial labour organizations, and create mutually supportive and beneficial links between the academic and labour communities.


Labour Studies Program
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T2N2

We furnish tools for union activists, adult educators, human relations specialists, and for anyone who seeks control over their working life: pensions, health and safety regulations, employment standards, labour law, negotiation strategies, employment equity, sexual harassment policies, human rights, and many other topics.


Labour Studies
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario L8S4L8

Labour Studies offers working people an opportunity to better understand and act upon the complex problems they face in their day-to-day lives. Courses examine the lives and experiences of working people, the changing nature of work, the impact of government policies, and the role of the labour movement in the social, economic and political development of modern society. Students are given an opportunity to examine, in a friendly environment, issues of concern to them as workers. Specialized courses in research skills, library resources and the internet provide students with the tools they need to make life long learning a reality.

Industrial Relations Centre
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario K7L3N6

The Queen’s Industrial Relations Centre (IRC) is an institution known as much for its active research, publications, and involvement in Canadian public affairs as for its well-respected and well-attended programs and conferences relating to labour relations and human resources management.

Labour Studies
Brock University
St. Catherines, Ontario L2S3A1

The decision to work, the organization of work, unionization, technical change, labour law, pay equity, job training and the effects of work on health and family are just some of the areas of interest in Labour Studies.

Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario M5S2E8 

The Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources is an interdisciplinary graduate teaching and research centre in the areas of human resource management, labour-management relations, and labour market and social policy. It is an impartial environment for all participants in the employment process: labour, management, and government.

The Labour Studies Program
York University
Toronto, Ontario M3J1P3

The Labour Studies Program (LAST) allows students to explore the world of work and workers, analyzing the Canadian world of work and labour within the volatile global environment. Beyond York, LAST maintains active links with Canadian trade unions, skills training bodies, government departments, NGOs and international advocacy networks, broadening the world of study and employment opportunities for LAST students.

Labour Studies
University of Windsor
Windsor, Ontario N9B3P4
519-253-3000 ext. 3723

Labour Studies is the study of labour movements, labour relations, working conditions, and workers’ rights. This programme will help you to understand how and why the labour movement developed in Canada and internationally, how and why work is organized in certain ways, and how and why the labour movement has had certain impacts on the social history and development of workers.

Ontario Ministry of Labour
Dispute Resolution Services


l’École de relations industrielles
University of Montreal
Montreal, Quebec H3C3J7

Dans la région montréalaise, l’École de relations industrielles est la plus grande institution universitaire dispensant un enseignement spécialisé dans les domaines de la gestion des ressources humaines, des relations collectives de travail et des politiques gouvernementales régissant le monde du travail. BS in Labor Relations, MS and Ph.D. in Industrial Relations

Industrial Relations University of Laval
Quebec, Quebec G1V0A6

BS, MA, Ph.D. in Industrial Relations (En francais)


TÉLUQ University, Certificate in Labor Relations


A member of the University of Quebec network, TÉLUQ University is the only French-speaking university in America to offer all its courses and programs remotely.

This program prepares you for various roles related to labor relations, including human resources management, labor relations itself, and occupational health and safety.

It offers a multidisciplinary approach, allowing you to learn about the different disciplines relevant to labor relations, mainly economics, sociology, and labor law. Provide basic training in the areas of application favored by labor relations, including human resources management, labor relations themselves and public labor policies. This certificate is aimed at people interested in human resources as well as the work and collective relations associated with it.

Université TÉLUQ, Certificat en relations du travail


Membre du réseau de l’Université du Québec, l’Université TÉLUQ est la seule université francophone en Amérique à offrir tour ses cours et programmes a distànce. 

Ce programme vous prépare à exercer différents rôles liés aux relations du travail, notamment la gestion des ressources humaines, les relations du travail elles-mêmes, et la santé et la sécurité du travail.

Offrir une approche multidisciplinaire permettant de s’initier aux différentes disciplines pertinentes aux relations du travail, soit principalement l’économie, la sociologie et le droit du travail. Fournir une formation de base dans les domaines d’application privilégiés par les relations du travail, notamment la gestion des ressources humaines, les relations du travail elles-mêmes et les politiques publiques en matière de travail. Ce certificat s’adresse aux personnes intéressées par les ressources humaines ainsi que par le travail et les relations collectives qui y sont associés.


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