Film and TV Strike Authorization Voter FAQ

After months of negotiating successor contracts to the Producer-IATSE Basic Agreement, and the Theatrical and Television Motion Picture Area Standards Agreement, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) has not made any counteroffer to the IATSE’s most recent proposal.

In response to the AMPTP’s tactics, a nationwide strike authorization vote for members under these two agreements is underway, and eligible members are strongly encouraged to #VoteYES on Authorizing a Strike.

A strike authorization vote would give the International President the authority to call a strike if deemed necessary, but it does not mean we will strike right away.

The specific ballot question being voted on is as follows: “Do you authorize the IATSE International President to call a strike against the Producers covered by the Basic/Area Standards Agreement?” (Yes/No).

Please note that the agreement listed will be whichever agreement you and your local are covered by.

Because, in short, it is incomprehensible that the AMPTP, an ensemble that includes media mega-corporations collectively worth trillions of dollars, claims it cannot provide behind-the-scenes crews with reasonable rest, safe hours, living wages, and sustainable benefits.

If enough of us #VoteYES to authorize a strike, it gives us more leverage in bargaining and shows management that we are serious, even willing to stand our ground and walk off the job if management remains unwilling address our central concerns.

The Strike Authorization vote is being conducted online. At 6:00am PDT / 9:00 am EDT on Friday October 1st, Honest Ballot (from sent an email blast to all eligible voting members with a link to their website, along with a Voter ID and Password required for you to sign into their site. Once you are logged into Honest Ballot’s Online Voting portal, follow the instructions on the portal to lock in your vote.

Honest Ballot opened the online ballots Friday October 1st at 6:00am PDT / 9:00 am EDT, and polls with close on Sunday, October 3rd at 8:59pm PDT / 11:59pm EDT.

If you believe you are an eligible voting member but you did not receive the email, please double check your spam folder and, if you use Gmail, the “promotions” folder. If you still cannot locate the email, please reach out to your Local Union leadership.

Yes. Honest Ballot’s Online Voting was designed from the ground-up to minimize the risk of electoral fraud. Voters who bypass authentication or have already voted are denied access to the ballot, and ballots are checked for validity before being accepted. Nobody could ever find out what a particular voter has voted as the results are stored anonymously.

First, we are asking folks to post this “I voted” sticker on their social media using the hashtags #IASolidarity #VoteYES #IATSEvotes:

Second, even though voting has now commenced, we are still collecting signatures for our petition urging the AMPTP to make a sustainable deal with film and tv workers. Remember, the petition is open to both IATSE members and non-member allies, so we urge you to encourage friends, family, coworkers and allies to sign. Link:

If you have any additional questions regarding the ongoing Strike Authorization votes, members are encouraged to reach out to their Local Union leadership.

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